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Pasaje del Terror
2020 Season Has Come To An End. Thank You To All Who Have Braved Pasaje Del Terror.

Pasaje del Terror

Located in the Casino Building at Pleasure Beach, it has been terrifying its visitors for more than 20 years. The most famous characters from the horror genre come to life within the confines of Pasaje del Terror to produce a unique, terrifying venture where the public become .... THE VICTIM!

A theatrical setting arranged into 20 sets and with around 18 actors lurking in the darkness. The realism of the scenes, the multiple special effects and the shocking energy with which these characters appear out of nowhere will leave you breathless and trembling until you find the exit.

The most macabre and terrifying characters from the horror genre are brought to life, dragging our daring "victims" into their own horror movie. Music and special effects enhance the fantastic, hair raising scenes while our "heroes" dare to pass through. Once they finally reach the exit they will take with them a horrifying and unforgettable experience.

“Pasaje del Terror, beyond the limits of fear”

Buy Tickets and Prices

Price on the door:

£9 Per person

Prices Online:

Single ticket price – Up to 10 people

£7,5 Per person – Booked one day or more in advance

Group ticket price – 11 people or more

£6,5 Per person – Booked one day or more in advance


Pasaje Experience

A ghoulish presence peers from a cobwebbed doorway and sends visitors through a nightmarish journey of fear. Down dark, winding passage-ways you enter a terrifying world where hi-tech special effects, live actors and multiple sound tracks accompany your way through theatrical sets and scenes to create the ultimate experience in horror.

Groups of up to 8 people take part, without any kind of guide, entering into a sort of labyrinth through which they pass on a journey of surprising shocks. Visitors become the sole protagonist of an experience with no limits. With the nervous little smile that betrays fear they cross the threshold of "Pasaje del Terror" holding hands tightly, and as by magic they are sunk into the land of nightmares!

Pasaje del Terror

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The idea for Pasaje del Terror originated from a meeting held in Argentina between masterminds of publicity and entertainment. Combining elements of the horror genre, special effects, theatre and cinema, these figures put together the plans for an immersive show that would put the public into the heart of the experience.
The history of Pasaje del Terror commenced with its Bilbao opening in 1988. The success of the show was unrivaled and broke boundaries in entertainment and attractions. The popularity of the attraction grew so high that a demand for its expansion soon followed.
The horror of Pasaje del Terror could not be contained to just cities and soon opened its doors to the terrifying public within Spain's top theme-parks. On the anticipation of its opening, theme-parks in Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona saw a huge rise in ticket sales which lead to Pasaje del Terror becoming a permanent attraction at each location.
November 1991 saw Pasaje del Terror extend its spine-chilling reach to the shores of America. This was the show's first attraction outside of Europe and opened in Orlando under the title of "Terror on Church Street". Nobody could foresee that an attraction so terrifying would have the monstrous success that it did, right on the doorstep of "the happiest place on earth".

Pasaje del Terror


Pasaje del Terror


Pasaje del Terror


Pasaje del Terror


Pasaje del Terror


Pasaje del Terror
Collective psychosis!

Anthony Perkins

"During my career I have had the privilege of drawing visitors to the limit of fear. now, I have been the victim of a show capable of taking me beyond these limits. Pasaje del Terror" is a unique experience.
We dare you!
You will have a great time!"
Anthony Perkins who became the hand of Hitchcock and an icon in the horror industry was selected by Pasaje del Terror to be the spokesperson for this new experience in Orlando. "I am a theatre lover above all else" Perkins declared "This show has been able to get the essence of horror cinema and turn it into a unique theatre experience." Perkins admitted Pasaje del Terror made his hair stand on end. Perkins was fascinated with the experience and volunteered to collaborate and came up with an array of ideas and suggestions.
With the resounding success of Terror on Church Street, Pasaje del Terror continued to grow and opened attractions in Cancun, Rome, Lisbon, and in 1998, Blackpool, where in 2018 it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Do you dare discover what new and terrifying surprises are in store for this monumental celebration? Join us!

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